August 2016 Tea Box Express
Photo by kaelahbee
Misty Peak Teas Rolled Pu'er

Each rolled pu'er ball from Misty Peaks Teas can be brewed up to 15 times! The tea is hand-processed single origin tea that comes in a convenient size.

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Chai Diaries Blooming Tea

Blooming Tea from Chai Diaries turns into a beautiful flower in your cup or tea pot. Once steeping is complete, enjoy your tea!

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Sencha Sugar-Free Green Tea Mints

Pink Dragonfruit mints from Sencha Naturals are sugar-free uniquely flavored mints made with organic matcha.

Sencha Green Tea Mints with Coconut Sugar

Cinnamon Cardomom mints from Sencha Naturals are sweetened with unrefined coconut sugar and come in cute eco-friendly tubes.

WOW Baking Gluten-Free Cookie

This moist and chewy Snickerdoodle cookie from WOW Baking makes a delightful snack with a cup of tea.