Teatulia: More Than Just Great Tea

Teatulia is a forward-thinking company that is about so much more than just tea.  Yes, the brand is committed to fresh organic field-to-cup tea.  The leaves are grown in a USDA-Certified Organic garden in Northern Bangladesh.  The result is smooth, fresh, high quality tea.

But that's only part of the Teatulia story...

Teatulia goes above and beyond with their commitment to sustainability.  Their eco-canisters are made from compostable and recyclable materials.  And Teatulia doesn't stop at sustainable packaging.  The company is also creating sustainable communities. 

Teatulia has established a cooperative in Bangladesh where families live and work, participate in a cattle-lending program, and take part in social and education initiatives.  Through its efforts, Teatulia manages to give back to the community, provide a living wage for its workers, and protect the local ecosystem, all while producing award-winning tea. 

That’s something we can drink too!

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To learn more Teatulia and the wonderful teas and infusions they offer, visit Teatulia.com.