Brand Spotlight: FashionistaTea

Tea Box Express's November box will feature a tea from FashionistaTea. Brenda, the founder, shares more about her company, herself, and how she has blended two loves together to create quality tea with a stylish presentation.

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What is your background and how did you get involved in tea?

Tea has been a love of mine since I was a teenager drinking tea with my Mom at the kitchen table.  Then going out with girlfriends to celebrate special occasions having afternoon tea in tea salons and fancy hotels; I just loved everything about it the etiquette, the fine china, the tea pots (which I collect), the scones and the tiny sandwiches. The whole ritual of taking the time to connect, slow down, especially in this busy world, always appealed to me. 

As I started to travel more, especially trips to Paris, I discovered different types of tea and that there was much more than what we might see on grocery store shelves, led me to read more about tea and study tea more intently becoming a member of The Specialty Tea Institute.  You can never learn enough about “tea” so I am excited to be on this journey!  We’re also happy to give tea a purpose by working on a Holiday Tea fundraiser to benefit an organization that helps children and young adults here in New York City.

How did you come up with the name and where does the “fashion” part come in?

FashionistaTea, came from blending two loves, fashion and tea, together.  I studied fashion design and merchandising in college and later in my television career, I produced many fashion and design segments covering New York Fashion Week and producing segments on Donna Karan, Oscar DeLa Renta, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, just to name a few.  As a bit of a history buff, I wanted to celebrate the dressing up for “tea” as an occasion.  I wanted our tea tins to be aesthetically pleasing as a great gift and our tea sachets have a stiletto heel tag that hangs over your cup to hopefully put a smile on your face and start a conversation so you feel you are drinking “tea with style.”

From where do you source your teas?

We are a private label company and the teas are sourced from that company which is based in Los Angeles.  They were selected because of their relationships with small growers around the world and the owner is known as a master blender in the industry.  For example our Orange Chamomile comes from a small Egyptian Chamomile farm in Egypt.  It was also important that our tea collectionbe Organic and or Fair Trade to help the environment.  We love the idea through Fair Trade that we are helping small farmers on the other side of the world to work in better living conditions and help provide for their families.

Which tea from FashionistaTea is your favorite?

That’s a little hard, they are like children and we love them all.  But I am partial to our signature Organic “Fashionista” blend, which I created with my tea blender, it was an homage to many of the teas I have enjoyed in my travels, so I had specific ingredients in mind and we went back and forth a few times, tasting and testing until it was something everyone liked.  Some mornings I love it without anything and sometimes in the afternoon, I enjoy it with a little milk.

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