Brand Spotlight: Village Tea Company

The first box of 2016 will feature several fantastic items from Village Tea Company, including a not-to-miss teaware item. Janon, the company's CEO, shares more about the Village Tea Company and their passion for their tea and products.

What is Village Tea Company and how did it get started?

My name is Janon Costley and I am currently the CEO of Village Tea Company Distribution, Inc, owner and distributor of the Village Tea Company brand of premium loose leaf tea, accessories and other complimentary organic/natural food and beverage products. The Company was founded by my business partner, entrepreneur, tea expert and brand development guru,  Martin Ekechuwu. Before launching Village Tea in 2009, Martin worked for Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, and became fascinated by the research available on the health benefits and diversity of flavors of his favorite beverage – tea. Martin had loved tea for as long as he could remember, sharing many a cup with his grandmother as a child in central Europe and finding time to enjoy tea every day as an adult.

Although a fan of tea himself, Martin could not understand why it hadn’t really taken off in America like coffee or carbonated drinks; most teas he found domestically often lacked flavor and did not have the fresh packaging or innovative marketing that would ever make it accessible and desirable for the main- stream consumer. Plus the quality of the teas found in traditional tea bags was so poor, they barely resembled the teas of his youth. This “tea dust” failed to provide the health benefits that high-quality loose leaf teas were known for so Martin knew that he could do better. He embarked on a worldwide, tea-tasting journey, hoping to discover the right flavor combinations that could deliver truly unique and delicious products—along with a spoonful of health benefits—to American consumers. After sampling hundreds of teas from around the world, he developed his own blend of innovative teas with a vast array of combinations to choose from and so began Village Tea Company. 

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Village Tea has lots of neat tea options. How does the company come up with the different blends?

We only use premium loose leaf tea in all our batches because of the ability to gain more antioxidant and healthy properties versus your traditional tea bag ( or tea “dust”).  Each tea is blended by hand and packaged by hand into one of our 100% biodegradable ( recycled paper) canisters. We source fair trade ingredients for most of our blends and all of our tea’s are now 100% organic. The base flavors are imported and blended to order based on our proprietary flavor combinations which are primarily created by the company founder,  who is a tea expert as well as product development specialist having worked for a number of well known food and beverage consumer products companies in brand development and brand management capacities. 

Village Tea features its own portable teapot. Can you tell us more about this?

Our Mobile Tea Pot has become one of our most popular items. We introduced the mobile tea pot and our travel size (size of a tube of lipstick) loose leaf tea canister, affectionately called, Teasers (currently available in 5 flavors containing 3- 5 servings of tea) as a way of addressing two issues; the need for people to have the ability to take their favorite cups of loose leaf tea with them as they are moving throughout their busy lives but also as a way of simplifying the process for preparing loose leaf, which can be a hindrance for people who are new to drinking loose lead tea.  Simply open your Teaser and empty one - 2 servings of tea into the mobile tea pot, add hot water and let it steps for your desired flavor profile. The mobile tea pot is made of double pane, BPA free high quality material, which can be used to steep 1-1/2 cups of tea at a time.  You can consume the product directly from the unit ( once it cools) or simply pour it into your favorite tea cup when you get to your destination.

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From where do you source your teas?

Our teas and ingredients are sourced from all over the world where quality teas are grown. Traditionally we have sourced teas directly from farmers in various countries such as: Sri Lanka for black, China for Green, Black,Oolong and White and South Africa for Rooibos. We have recently expanded our sourcing into other areas such as India.  

Which tea from Village Tea is your favorite?

As the CEO of the Company of course I am a little biased because I like them all depending on my mood, time of day, need and benefit. For a good nights sleep I may drink Our Comfy Organic Chamomille, if I am not feeling well I may have a cup of Organic Lemon Ginger, for an afternoon pick up or everyday antioxidant I may sip on our Cherry Rooibos w/Acai (our most popular flavor) and if I am in the mood for Iced Tea  , I will probably mix use our Sweet Grace Vanilla Rooibos with our Pura Natural Organic Agave Sweetener for a fantastic refreshing summer beverage.   All of our flavors are fantastic and excellent sources for receiving natural health and wellness benefits with each sip. 

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*Photos courtesy of Village Tea Company