Brand Spotlight: sweetriot

The upcoming March box showcases forward-thinking companies that have more on their agenda than just making a profit.  sweetriot is an all-natural dark chocolate company based in NYC that is serious about ethically sourcing cacao and running a business that is sustainable and socially responsible.

Today sweetriot’s Catalyst of Cool Operations, Tracy, shares a little more about the company she works for and their products.

Some of sweetriot's mouthwatering products (Source:

How did sweetriot get started and how long has it been around?

sweetriot was a dream come true for Chief Rioter, Founder and CEO, Sarah Endline as she always wanted to start a candy company. As she researched options and origins of candy, she fell in love with the cacao fruit and wanted to share the story of where chocolate actually comes from and how healthy it truly can be! She officially launched sweetriot in 2005 and we’ve been rioting ever since! 

Where did the name “sweetriot” come from?

sweetriot as a company embodies a very fun, loving, and artistic culture which is apparent through everything we do. This personality represents our “riotous” spirit and pairs well with the “sweet” we offer with our delicious fixes. Sarah wanted a name that was strong and memorable but also unique!

You guys have a social mission as well.  Tell us more about that.

sweetriot is a social mission based company, meaning that the initial, driving component of our brand is based on wanting to make all aspects of creating and running a business sustainable, fair, and beneficial for everyone involved – from the farmers to the warehouse workers, the retailers that support and carry our products and our rioters nationwide! We want to inspire everyone to think about their purchases and how everything you do can support the growth and prosperity of someone else!

Which sweetriot product is your favorite?

That’s an almost impossible question to answer but I would have to say our delicious dark chocolate riotBar with Quinoa. It’s an adult version of the crisped rice bars we grew up eating as children but without the guilt and with the benefits of one of the most delicious ancient grains! J

Do you eat chocolate pretty much all the time? 

Although this is expected, yes. We are constantly testing out new ideas and tend to sample chocolate ALL the time. I am a very lucky lady! 

Thanks Tracy!  To learn more about sweetriot and their products visit

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