Brand Spotlight: The Cookie Department

We're pretty excited about the tasty treats that will be part of the April box.  Today we learn more from Akiva about The Cookie Department, a company he founded in 2009 that puts a unique twist on the everyday cookie.  The company currently offers six different flavors and every cookie is hand baked.  We can't wait for you to try them!


Tell us a little more about starting The Cookie Department.  Why cookies?  

I started my sales career in the functional beverage industry.  I worked for two small start ups about 10 years ago.  Before that, I had attended culinary school and majored in pastry arts.  I decided to combine the two areas of experience to start my own brand creating functional cookies for all.  I started the company with $500 and baked part time in my cousins bread bakery in Berkeley, CA.  I would bake at night and deliver to five local cafes in the morning.  Fast forward to present and we're in over 500 stores.  

What is a “fully functional” cookie?  What makes them different from other cookies?  

At The Cookie Department, we start with classic cookie formulations and fortify them with unique and innovative ingredients like coffee, caffeine, rBST free whey protein, superfoods, antioxidants, detoxifying spices, and probiotics, giving our customers an extra benefit with every bite.  

Your cookies include ingredients like maca and sweet potato.  Are these cookies healthy? 

Our cookies are healthier then most.  We do use butter, sugar and flour but all of our cookies have added benefits.  Maca is a superfood full of vitamins and minerals.  Sweet potatoes are high in antioxidants.  Our cookies do not contain any trans fats nor do they contain any preservatives or chemicals additives.  

How do you come up with the flavors?  

Honestly, my mother helps me! I grew up in a household where my mother was always baking something.  If it wasn't bread, it was granola, brownies, black bottom cupcakes and lemon bars.  I can always count on my mother to help me come with all my unique formulations.  Its only after we finalize the formulation that we create a function to attach to the marketing of the product. 

Which cookie is your personal favorite?  Which one is the most popular with your customers?  

I personally love the Snap Back but I have to admit that our new flavor, Cherry Bomb, a gluten free double chocolate cherry probiotic cookie is a runner up.  Our Snap Back and Awaken Baked are two of the best sellers in our line.  

Thanks Akiva!  To learn more, check out The Cookie Department website.

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