Brand Spotlight: Tease Tea

The Tea Box Express February box will feature two teas from Tease Tea, a modern tea company with Canadian roots. Sheena Brady, the tea sommelier who founded Tease Tea, shares with us how she started her company and about their teas (including naming them!).

How did Tease Tea get started and how long has it been around?

Tease in an online tea boutique, born in 2013. At first it was more of a hobby blending tea and herbal ingredients for friends and family after I became a certified Tea Sommelier. I had begun to receive so much positive feedback, that in 2014 I chose to build a strong ecommerce business, catering to the modern tea drinkers goals and desires.

Your customers can shop by desire. What does this mean?

We want our customers to abandon their traditional tea drinking beliefs by asking themselves "What do I want to feel" vs "What do I usually like" Whether you are looking to increase energy, improve focus, destress, promote beauty sleep, we have a tea for that and many more desires. At if you select "Shop Desire" you can shop by our desire collections. IE: Energy Tease, Sleepy Tease, Skinny Tease, Romantic Tease, etc.

Tease Tea offers lots of unique-sounding blends. How do you come up with these?

It is my true creative outlet! I was always envious of the people who got to name nail polish. At Tease Tea, I love to create and design unique blends with names that are not only playful, but also reflect the profile and character of the tea. Each blend truly has it its own personality. 

From where do you source your teas?

We work with specific ingredient suppliers who source from all over the world. Most of our tea however, is from China and Japan. I particularly love Japanese Sencha for it's smooth, subtle character due to the steaming process they use.

 Which tea from Tease Tea is your favorite?

That is like asking a mom to pick her favourite child! Honestly, it really just depends on what mood I'm in. I rely on To the Finish Lime to help increase productivity and focus on days when I have a lot to accomplish. Chai Love You is perfect full bodied, fragrant, and decadent alternative to coffee when you need a pick me up. Show me the Honey really helps me unwind and feel less bloated after a big dinner. Berry me in Kisses is literally dessert in a cup, minus the calories. A guilt free sweet indulgence.

Thanks Sheena! You can learn more (and go shopping!) at

To purchase a February box, sign up for a gift or a subscription by February 5th.

*Photos courtesy of Tease Tea.