Brand Spotlight: Piper & Leaf

Piper & Leaf is a family run tea company based in Huntsville, Alabama. Connor, one of the owners of P&L, shares more about his company and their desire to source locally and promote community.

Tell us a little about Piper & Leaf and how it got started.

P&L started because we were looking for a grassroots way to create passion for our community. We wanted to highlight our local food systems and sources as well as bring people together. We take fruits & herbs from the area that we grow ourselves, get from local farms, or forage in our woods and blend them with premium quality tea. We were blessed to start at the same time as several other organizations and companies in our area and state interested in creating a passionate, artistic, connected community.


Piper & Leaf offers an interesting tea selection. Can you tell us more about how you come up with your blends?

We play...a lot! We will either be inspired by a story, a taste, a brew, an experience, or just an idea. We play with it and have fun till we come up with something interesting. One of our most popular seasonal blends, Pumpkin moonshine, was inspired by one of our favorite Artists, Tasha Tudor. Her first children's book was called Pumpkin Moonshine (an old term for a Jack-O-Lantern) about the Autumn Season. So we created (basically) a pumpkin spice chai that uses real pumpkin and spices. It happens to taste pretty good too. ;-)

Do all of your tea blends make great iced tea?

Yes! We specifically create our blends for iced tea since we are in the lovely warm south. All of our blends taste great iced or hot though.

From where do you source your teas and other ingredients?

Some of this answer goes back to the top of who we are. The tea leaves come from Japan, Sri Lanka, China, and other traditional quality tea locations. Then we blend them with local product. We are exploring partnering with a small, local company making a Yaupon Tea (similar to Yerba Mate of South America). 


Which Piper & Leaf tea is your favorite?

Pumpkin Moonshine and Sweet Dixie (inspired by a beach trip. Think Pina Colada).

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