Brand Spotlight: Pearl Soda Company

Who tried the Vanilla Rooibos tea syrup by Pearl Soda Company in the June box?! Tea syrup is a fun and unique tea product. To make a drink, you just add to seltzer water or follow a simple recipe to create a cocktail. Liz, co-founder of the company, shares more about her company and their products.

How did you get the inspiration for starting Pearl Soda Company?

Like many people, we stumbled on the idea and just couldn't get our minds off of it. The first tea soda was made on a hot summer day when I was working at our sister company, The Jasmine Pearl. I kept wanting to make Dancing Dragon into a stronger, more refreshing iced tea because it was so close to tasting like old fashioned root beer. I realized it would be never be exactly what I hoped without bubbles. So we pulled the soda stream out of the break room and started trying to make sparkling Dancing Dragon. Pretty soon we were sharing with customers and the idea just kind of took hold. It was such a fantastically fun group project to discover awesome flavors and perfect the whole idea. We hope that fun shows in our final product. 

Image courtesy of Pearl Soda Co.

What is tea syrup and what can we do with it?

Tea syrup is a simple concept with a lot of creative possibility. We carefully blend and brew tea at a very high concentration and then add a little pure cane sugar.  Think of it as a simple syrup packed full of flavor. Although our original vision was to make syrups that would eventually become sparkling tea, one of my favorite things is seeing all the awesome ways people use them. You can use them to make mocktails, cocktails, tea flavored desserts, floats- anything! Just keep in mind that one ounce of syrup is enough flavor for a pint sized glass and start experimenting.

Do you have a simple recipe that uses the Vanilla Rooibos tea syrup?

Sure! Vanilla Rooibos has such a nice, creamy flavor that it unsurprisingly pairs well with creamy things. I love love love Vanilla Rooibos with sparkling water and a scoop of butter pecan ice cream on top. It's a grown up, extra yummy, crazy smooth and decadent float. You can take it one step further by adding a shot of bourbon. 

In a pint glass, add:

  • 10 oz. sparkling water
  • 1 oz. of Vanilla Rooibos syrup
  • one generous scoop of butter pecan ice cream
  • 1.5 oz. bourbon (optional)

Give it a little stir and dig in!

Also, our website full of other fun ideas,

Source: pearlsodacompany on Instagram

Which tea syrup flavor is your favorite?

I get this all the time, and it's always a difficult question because I sincerely love them all. I'd say, I reach for either Dancing Dragon or Blue Mt. Sunshine the most often. Dancing Dragon is so unique and its also the flavor that sparked this whole project so I have a special place for it in my heart. It's made from some of my favorite things; Sarsaparilla- the dominant flavor in root beer, Puerh- aged earthy tea from Yunnan province in China, and Honeybush- a cousin of rooibos that tastes like honey. Blue Mt. Sunshine, on the other hand is very classic. It's made from Nilgiri black tea from the blue mountains of southern India, lemongrass and lemon myrtle. The flavor is kind of like a very gentle Arnold Palmer and it's so fun and easy to make cocktails with. Just a little dash of vodka or gin and you're done!  

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