Brand Spotlight: Polar Tea Co.

Our January box featured a green tea selection from Polar Tea Co., an artisan tea company located in Ontario, Canada. Amanda from Polar Tea shares more about the company she started and the unique blends she creates.


January 2018 Box, Source: Tea Box Express on Instagram

How did you get into tea and how did Polar Tea Co. get started?

I have always loved tea, but a few years ago I started taking classes to become a tea sommelier (I'm almost done!). This opened up a whole new way of appreciating tea that I hadn't realized before. It taught me how to truly experience tea using all of my senses, and I learned a lot about the different flavours and types of tea out there. 

Taking these classes also introduced me to a lot of amazing people. These people all loved tea, and many owned their own businesses. I received lots of advice and encouragement through this little tea community. It gave me the courage to take the leap and start my own.


Source: Polar Tea Co on Instagram

You have an impressive selection, including some very creative blends! How do you come up with your blends?

I listen to my customers. Every time I get a request, I write it down. When I start trying to source and blend new teas, I look over this list for inspiration. 

I also blend according to the season, based on trends and seasonal ingredients. You will see a lot of small batch, seasonal blends show up on the website for a limited time. Examples of this are Pumpkin Chai, Blueberry Crumble, White Christmas, and many more! Sometimes a seasonal blend is so popular it becomes a part of the regular rotation.


 Polar Tea Co. Blends (Photo credit: Lisa Vuyk - lisavphoto)

What is your personal tea ritual?

Right now, it is very cold in Canada, where I am based. I find tea the best way to keep warm during a Canadian winter :) I always have at least one mug of strong black tea in the morning. I bring a thermos of oolong or green tea to help me get through the afternoon. In the evening, my favourite thing to do is have a mug of caffeine free tea such as Coconut Almond Chai, and pair it with chocolate! Tea helps me focus in the morning, and relax in the evening.

I also often make tea for friends when they are over. The best way to spend an afternoon is chatting over a cup of tea! Tea brings everyone together.

 Which Polar Tea Co. tea is your favorite?

Right now, I am enjoying Royal Vanilla black tea in the mornings, and the last of the Chocolate Chai (limited edition Christmas blend) in the evenings. My favourite teas change every week :)

Thanks Amanda! To learn more about Polar Tea and view all their tea selections, visit

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