Brand Spotlight: Story of My Tea

February was one of those lucky months where we featured not one but two amazing teas! Both selections, Dark Rose Hearts and I'm a Gypsy came from Story of My Tea. Mara, from Story of My Tea, was nice enough to share more about the company and their teas.

feb 2018 tea box 2.jpg

February 2018 tea box, Source: Tea Box Express on Instagram

What is the concept behind Story of My Tea?

We feel that our world today encourages us to easily form little bubbles of existence. We always try to associate with familiar things. Even on social media, the updates we get are based on algorithms that only show us things we usually enjoy the most. All this creates an environment where we increasingly fail to appreciate everything that is on the other side of the fence, so we decided to create a platform that caters to the explorer and the adventurer in all of us and bring the best quality teas from every territory of the planet.

gypsy tea.jpg

I'm a Gypsy Tea, Source:

How do you source and select your teas?

We find them directly at the source, we buy them from other suppliers and brands around the world, we pick them right off of the streets where the locals get them from the target countries, and we also make sure we are sourcing from award winning suppliers and that the teas are loved by thousands of the locals. The idea is to experience teas and tea cultures as authentically as we can. We taste all of the teas that we send, and every time we are trying a new tea, we ask ourselves if this tea is something we would share with the most important people in our life. 



Can you tell us about your new tea app?

The app will be launching on June 2018. It is an app completely free and open for all users (you don't need to be subscribed to Story of My tea). It is an app that allows you to track all the teas that you have tasted and record the aromas and flavors of these teas. It will also help you to discover more teas that align with your preferences. 

What is one of your favorite teas that you sell?

My favorite tea is always I'm a Gypsy. It is the perfect tea for winter and summer (as an iced tea). I just love it! Because it is caffeine free I can sip it all day. Every time I need to cheer myself up I drink this tea. 

Thanks Mara! Learn more about Story of My Tea at and see their beautiful photos on Instagram, storyofmytea.

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