Brand Spotlight: Flower Pot Tea Company

Our April box included two very unique teas, both from Flower Pot Tea Company: a blooming tea made of white tea, marigold flowers, and jasmine flowers, and a chrysanthemum tisane. It was quite a flowery box! Jason, the company's founder gives us more information about his company and these amazing teas.

April 2018 Tea Box Express

April 2018 Tea Box Express

Where did you get the idea for Flower Pot Tea Company and how long has it been around?  

I lived in Asia for many years and discovered these various teas and tisanes while living there (with more variety to come!). I wanted to bring them back to the US, and hence I started Flower Pot Tea Company just a year ago, in March 2017.

Can you tell us a little about how flowering teas are made? How do you come up with the different flavors? 

The teas are made using white tea, a young leaf which undergoes the least processing – simply drying. The flowers are grown separately. The tea leaves are wetted and then hand-sewn around a the flowers, making a ball that blooms when boiling water is added. We wanted half fruity flavors – peach, berry and pomegranate and half mellow flavors – jasmine, coconut and lavender. We chose flavors that were trendy but also available to source from China.

flower pot blooming tea.jpg

Blooming Tea, Source:

From where do you source your flowers? 

They are from different parts of China – Yunnan, Fujian, Zhejiang

 Which flowering tea or tisane is your favorite? 

The Lotus for sure. It comes from a single source: A monastery in China. Watching it open and seeing it fill the pot…there’s nothing quite like it. The taste baffles everyone…no one can quite discern what it tastes like, and they all give different comparisons. It’s very earthy and slightly sweet. It’s also good with honey.


Source: flowerpotbloomingtea on Instagram

Thanks Jason! Learn more about flowering teas and see the amazing (and beautiful!) selection at

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