Brand Spotlight: coco love

In May, we had an amazing box starring a lovely tea by coco love, Sophia Shimmer Chamomile Tisane. This box was fun and colorful and made a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for those who ordered it for that purpose.

Lindsey, of coco love, shares more about the company and their premium loose leaf tea blends.


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How did coco love get started and how long has it been around? 

In 2010 I started a baking company. I focused on weddings, events, and wholesale baked goods for local cafes. As I got to know other people in the food community, I was introduced to Alexis of Teaspoons and Petals. One day over tea, she suggested pairing teas with my popular and uniquely-flavored shortbread cookies. I was so impressed with tea’s ability to transform flavor, that coco love™ Teas was born!

Where do you get the inspiration for your different blends? How do you name them? 

For our premiere collection, my husband and I knew we wanted to have a range of tea types that would appeal to tea enthusiasts and novices alike. We launched with three teas: a huang jin gui called Lily Golden Oolong, a genmaicha named Emma, and a bespoke black tea blended with ground caramel named Olivia. Each tea (and tea pairing) starts with a muse, a woman we dreamed up. I have a Pinterest board for each lady in our collection including her hometown, mode of transportation (Lily rides a vespa!), and pet! These muses are our way of getting into the minds of our customers so we’re able to provide the best tea experience in every cup. To round out the collection, we introduced Sophia and Juliet, a chamomile tisane and chai respectively.


Source: cocoloveteas on Instagram

On your website, you offer recipes and pairing ideas for your teas. Why is this pairing aspect important to you?

I’ll never forget the experience of tasting one of my rosemary tea cookies paired with tea. I baked these cookies daily for years, so the flavor is very familiar to my palate. But when Alexis brought genmaicha to enjoy with my cookies, I experienced the flavor in a whole new way. Pairing tea and foods creates time and space in which to enjoy and savor. We want to share this experience with everyone who enjoys coco love™ Teas!



Which coco love tea is your favorite?

For me, it depends on the time of day. Lately, I’m waking up with Lily Golden Oolong. Even in the hot late summer months on the East Coast, I find Lily soothing and energizing. Mid-day calls for iced tea and our Olivia Caramel Black Tea is so delicious hot or iced! In the evening, I wind down and relax with Sophia, our chamomile tisane. This herbal blend is the perfect way to settle in for some calm at the end of the day.

Thanks Lindsey! Your tea and it’s presentation is a work of art! Learn more at

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