Brand Spotlight: Tea of the People

The centerpiece of our March box is a nifty blend from a very unique tea company.  Tea of the People is about more than great tea (although it is definitely about great tea).  The company fulfills a higher purpose each month by donating a portion of its profits to game-changing entrepreneurs and non-profits.  

Josh Caplan, founder of Tea of the People, was kind enough to share more about his company, the awesome tea they blend, and their dedication to bringing positive change to people and the planet.

Do you spy blueberries, dragon fruit pieces, and whole leaf green tea?

Your blends are visually attractive and contain healthy and interesting ingredients like blueberries, dragon fruit, baobab, and acai.  Like a fancy fruit salad in a cup of tea!  How do you come up with these combinations? 

When coming up with our innovative teas, we ask ourselves what’s our dream tea? After we figure it out, we get to work!

What is your best seller?

Our Acai x Goji Dragon Well green tea is very popular. Our customers are thrilled by the large amount of goji berries we blend into the tea. Our Organic Barrel Aged Silk Road Chai is a big seller, as well. Jennifer Bless of SororiTea Sisters recently gave it a great review, calling it complex and the kind of chai she’ll be thinking about for a long time.

Ingredients for Acai x Goji Dragon Well tea blend (Source:

Where do you get your tea and other ingredients from?

All our teas and ingredients are ethically source from leading tea estates and farmers from China, South Africa, India, Japan and Ecuador. We are dead serious about sourcing from eco-friendly suppliers. 

Tell us more about barrel aging and how Tea of the People got into it.

We thought up barrel aging tea by exploring innovative ways different food products were achieving flavours with deep complexity and sophistication. Our barrel aging process begins by carefully hand-blending the tea and ingredients together and placing the blend into charred white oak wood barrels. The oak keeps the ingredients tightly stored, allowing for the ingredient's flavours to fuse harmoniously with the tea. 

Barrel aged chai (Source:

You sell a lot of Dragon Well tea blends.  What's so great about this type of green tea?

Dragon Well is the King of green tea. For over 2000 years, it’s been the tea of choice for Chinese Emperors and present-day dignitaries. Among the most meticulously produced teas on earth, there exists only a small clique of tea masters who have full command of the painstaking ten-step production process. According to a recent study, Dragon Well is the most antioxidant green tea on earth and blending it with real super fruits, as seen with our Blueberry x Dragon Fruit Dragon Well green tea, transforms a near perfect tea into a super tea!

Tea of the People regularly gives a portion of its profits to non-profit organizations.  How do you choose which organizations to support?

Tea of the People gives a portion of its profits each month to a game-changing entrepreneur or non-profit. Each month we select a new organization leveraging technology to make inroads on poverty alleviation, education, public health and climate change.

Being a young company, is it hard to balance earning a profit to stay in business while maintaining a commitment to giving?

Because Tea of the People was founded with a higher purpose to do good, so it’s forever in our company’s DNA. Every business decision is viewed through a socially conscious lens.  Balancing the economics and doing good is natural, and we are proud to demonstrate how a young company can make a difference.

What has been your favorite cause Tea of the People has supported?

With the help of Watsi, a healthcare crowd funding non-profit, we paid for the entire medical procedure of a 12-year-old girl from Cambodia, named Chantha. Chronic ear infections threatened her ability to hear. We were so touched by her story and spirit that we chose to donate to her cause through Watsi.

Besides the dedication to social responsibility, is there anything else that sets Tea of the People apart from other tea companies?

The tea space is facing two big issues: quality and authenticity. We only offer “best in class tea”, that are either the most antioxidant-rich or possess a highly unique health benefit, the most meticulous to produce and / or extremely rare and exotic. That’s why we proudly use Dragon Well, instead of nameless green tea. Authenticity-wise, virtually all the fruit flavored teas do not possess real fruit. Our approach is simple, if you are enjoying a goji berry green tea, let’s blend a healthy helping of real goji berries, darn it. We don’t see tea as a just delicious beverage but an opportunity to lead a healthier and socially conscious existence.

Thanks Josh!  To learn more about Tea of the People and their teas check out the Tea of the People website.

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