Brand Spotlight: Full Leaf Tea Company

The Tea Box Express September box will feature a tea from Full Leaf Tea Company. Matt, who co-founded the company with his wife, Lisa, shares more about Full Leaf, the vast selection of tea they offer, and their high value on customer service.



Tell us a little about Full Leaf Tea Company and how it got started.

Full Leaf Tea Company  values the “tea experience" just as much, if not more, than the products we offer. We (Matt and Lisa Hammonds) launched Full Leaf with the intentions of sharing our passion of tea with anyone and everyone. 

The heart of the company is the personal touch with each customer. With every order, a handwritten note is placed within each box.  We talk directly with any of our customers that have questions right away.  We like to be in touch with what our customers are looking for so we can give them an experience they will love!

Full Leaf offers a lot of tea options! Can you tell us more about how you come up with your different blends?

Our blends are created based of a handful of things. We strive to create the perfect blend for every need. Our research on ingredients is a HUGE part of how we decide what is brought together. 

For an example, our “SkinnyMe” tea was created out of the demand of a metabolism boosting/weight loss tea. Though we all know there is no “magic potion” that will drop the pounds, we found some key ingredients that will naturally help the process. Though trial and error, we found the perfect ratio of spicy, sweet, and rich to bring fourth a delicious cup. (whether you want the benefits or not! :) )  

From where do you source your teas and other ingredients?

Our teas and ingredients are sourced from ALL over the world! If we can buy local (herbs/spices) we do. But we work directly with the source to ensure the quality of each product we receive.


Which Full Leaf tea is your favorite?

Now that’s TRICKY! There are so many categories of tea to choose from!

My wife has a few favorites, lets start with her…

Fancy French Breakfast- black tea with a hint of vanilla

Seasonal Tea- “Holiday Brew” She thinks its like Christmas in a cup

Organic Masala Chai- She drinks it with a little honey and almond milk

I happen to have a sweet spot for matcha.  I drink our ceremonial matcha almost daily because it is delicious and gives me the perfect level of energy all day.

As for our other teas, I really like all of our “raw” tea like our Lung Ching green tea or our Award Winning Chamraj Estate Handmade oolong tea.

The good news is with more than 100 teas to choose from, you will never be bored!

Thanks Matt! To learn more and see the incredible tea selection for yourself, visit

To sign up for a September box that features a tin of Full Leaf Tea Company tea, purchase a subscription or a gift by September 5th.