Brand Spotlight: JusTea

The August box includes a unique tea from a special company. Purple Leaf Tea from Kenya is brought to us by JusTea, a forward-thinking company that provides jobs and sustainable wages to rural farmers. Paul from JusTea shares more about Purple Leaf Tea and the amazing they're doing in Kenya.


Source: justeakenya on Instagram

What is Purple Leaf Tea?

Purple Leaf Tea is a natural cultivar of “Camelia Sinensis Assamica.”

Over 25 years ago the TRFK (Tea Research Foundation of Kenya, now known as the TRI, Tea Research Institute) began research on a ‘Purple Tea’ cultivar. The TRFK was able to successfully develop a new Purple cultivar by naturally crossbreeding it with the tea’s anthocyanin rich cousin “Camelia Irrawadiensis.” In 2011, the Tea Directorate finally began to encourage local farmers to plant the first of the purple tea bushes. This project could turn out to be the most significant and influential that the TRFK has ever undertaken.



Does purple tea only grow in certain locations?

Purple Tea grows in less than 100 tea gardens across Kenya. The Purple Leaf Tea in the August box grows West of the Rift Valley in Nandi Hills - from the highest elevations of tea gardens in all of Africa at 2,047 m above sea level. 

Is purple leaf tea a new thing or just new to us?

It is not new in Kenya but it is definitely new to us here in the West! It is a very special tea and the farmers are very excited to share it with you!

What is your relationship with tea farmers in Kenya?

We work directly with small-scale farmers in Nandi Hills led by the Katah family. We travel back and forth to Kenya every year and have been there over 11 times. We were fortunate to host Boaz and his wife Jamila (our key partners), on their first trip to Canada earlier this year! Our teas are Fair Trade Federation certified and we have already created over 200 jobs in rural Kenya for women and youth.


Source: justeakenya on Instagram

What purple tea blends do you offer and which one is the most popular?

We offer 4 different Purple Teas:

  • Purple Leaf Tea (Pure, unblended)
  • Purple Rain - Fruity blend
  • Purple Mint - Refreshing blend
  • Purple Jasmine - Floral blend

So far the most popular is Purple Rain but my personal favourite is the Purple Jasmine :)

Thanks Paul! Want to try more AND take advantage of a special offer?

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