Brand Spotlight: Petali Teas

Our upcoming March box (shipping next week!) features a wonderful tea from Petali Teas. Joy, the owner of Petali and creator of it's amazing blends, shares more about her company, the tea, and what fuels her passion.


Can you tell us a little about Petali Teas and how it got started? 

I started foraging for herbs when I was a little girl and made teas and dyes.  It has been a lifelong interest and love.  My career was in culinary arts and after being exposed to all the tea traditions from different countries,  I knew I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to the art of tea and tea drinking. It is one activity that everyone at any age can enjoy, together or in solitude. It brings wellness and happiness. 

Petali Teas is comprised of:

  • Our bricks and mortar shop on our farm at Mootz Run in Alexandria, OH, 
  • Our online retail sites which include our home site of and our Amazon shop
  • Our Tea Lifestyle Brand which can be found at
  • And our wholesale division that supplies hotels, restaurants, tea shops, and spas as well as many other clients around the world.  

Petali offers a large and diverse selection of different teas and blends, some of which are pretty interesting (Boysenberry Almond Cheesecake Green Tea for example). How do you come up with your blends? 

I am inspired by cultures, interesting ingredients and favorite dessert recipes from around the world. Many times customers make suggestions and I custom blend for them. I have a background in culinary arts and interior design and approach all tea recipes with sensory detail. 


What are some of the more unique or “special” teas that you offer?  

I love to blend with ingredients that are specialities from regions such as crystallized flowers from France, chocolate from Belgium and Switzerland, fruits and nuts from family farms and coffee beans from local roasters.   I am always on the look out for the unexpected ingredient such as carrots that I used in our Carrot Cake Tea. 

From where do you source your teas and other ingredients? 

We source from many countries- South America, Canada, Germany, Croatia, China, Japan, India, France, Switzerland, Kenya, to name a few countries. Love to source locally meaning all regions in the USA- many of our citrus, berries and nuts come from our own country.

Which tea from Petali Teas is your favorite? 

I love them all and depends on the season. For wintertime, I am fond of Roasted Almond Chai and Puerhs- Late winter, I crave our citrus and tropical teas such as Mootz Run Blend, Himalayan Sunrise, Mystic grapefruit, Aussie Paradise and Ginger Orange. Summertime, I love our berry teas such as Blackberry Sangria and Berry Chamomile. We also have a nice selection of handcrafted orthodox teas and Japanese teas. 

Thanks Joy! To learn more and view the selection, visit