Brand Spotlight: St. Fiacre's Farm

The June box will feature tea from a very special company located in Oregon. St. Fiacre's Farm is a family farm that makes artisan loose leaf teas from the herbs grown on their own and other Oregon farms. CeAnne tells us about St. Fiacre's, their products, and how farming has become her family's way of life.


Source: St. Fiacre's Farm on Instagram

How did St. Fiacre’s get started? 

Our little farm started in 2014 when we moved to our current 2 acres. We had been making our own herbal teas and medicines for a couple of years prior to that. I grew up in the city while my husband was raised on a cattle ranch in Montana. Calendula was one of the first things I decided to grow out of a random seed kit I had ordered online. Not knowing anything about them and how abundant they are we ended up with so many flowers. As you cut calendula they sprout more flowers. It was time to figure out what to do with the abundance and so our first product was born. Calendula salve! From there we added tea (Rose City Repose) and other herbal goodness as we grew in our herbal knowledge and had need for certain herbal preparations around our home.

In January of this year my husband took early retirement at 42 and now our family of six farm, work and school at home full time. We are blessed to all be on this journey together. 

Can you describe a typical day on your farm?

We rise early in the morning and spend some time in prayer as a family and then move forward with school and breakfast. I teach our two girls while my husband teaches the two boys. School is usually done by 10:30. Homeschooling sure cuts down on some of the typical time spent at school since we don't have to wait for the school bus, switching classes, 4 students vs 20 in our class, recess etc.

In the summer we get outside as soon as we can so that we can water our 40 foot greenhouse, feed and water the animals and work on our construction project. We are currently expanding from our domestic kitchen to a processing facility which we are building on our farm. The afternoons are spent with the children enjoying the farm outdoors, some simple chores and that is our time to pack tea and attend to other business items such as marketing, our Youtube channel, sales calls and deliveries.

Source: St. Fiacre's Farm on Instagram

Our schedule really goes with the seasons and so winter time looks much different. In the fall we spend more time harvesting from our gardens and putting up not just herbs for tea but food for our family. Saturdays we spend at the local farmer's market in Salem, OR and love sharing our teas with the customers there. We also enjoy meeting the other local farmers, purchasing from them what we don't grow on our farm and finding new ways to use their products in our product line.

Besides tea, what other products do you make?

Aside from artisan loose leaf teas we also produce herbal skin care products such as lip balms, hand salves, baby balm, first aid salves and gift sets. Towards the fall we will also be opening up our Grow.Create.Sip online classes where we teach others what we have learned in regards to growing herbal teas, processing those herbs, how to blend them into tea as well as growing and using medicinal type herbs. We love to see other people growing and creating their own herbal goodness! Our blog also often features updates on our food growing for our own family as well as articles pertaining to growing food. We believe not just in home business and homeschool but also growing our own food at home. It really helps cut down on the cost, keeps it local and fresh and organic. We love knowing the story of our food and we hope to also share the story of the tea our customers purchase as well.

From where do you source your ingredients?

We feature Oregon grown ingredients as often as possible depending on local availability and growing conditions. Many of our berries are grown here in Oregon as we love to support the local community, families and farmers. A few of the herbs we grow here down on our farm and that will be increasing rapidly in the next 6 months to a year. Those ingredients that we are not able to get locally we purchase online from organic bulk herb suppliers such as Eugene, Oregon's Mountain Rose Herbs and Starwest Botanicals. Oregon Harvest Berry is the gem of our artisan tea line up as it features 4 different Oregon farms and was hand crafted especially to use those ingredients.


Oregon Harvest Berry tea, Source: St. Fiacre's Instagram

Which St. Fiacre’s tea is your favorite?

My favorite in our line is our Farmer's Wife Raspberry blend, after all I am the Farmer's Wife! No, really, I love this blend in the morning. Its a light refreshing green rooibos with raspberry leaf, nettle and some other goodies. It is a great tea especially for women because of the medicinal qualities of the herbs in this tea. Its not too strong of a tea and its a great way to ease into our day here at the farm. Now my Farmer, he loves our Willamette Berry Pie blend, I call that one dessert in a cup and he is also a fan of our High Desert Hibiscus on ice. Its just so refreshing and sweet its a hard tea to beat in the hot days of summer.

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