Fancy a Cuppa?

British tea culture plays a starring role in January's tea box.  We searched far and wide to bring you UK-inspired products and showcase British companies.  

Teapigs is a tea company that started outside of London and recently established a presence in the US.  The company is on a mission to bring quality tea while "not taking ourselves too seriously."  We chose Earl Grey Strong, a robust tea with a citrusy twist.  The Teapigs version of this British favorite does not disappoint in taste or quality.

For those of you familiar with our tea boxes, you already know that it's more than tea.  We've included accessories that will make your afternoon positively British.  Boxes ship out this week.  We hope you enjoy!

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"Tea Season is Upon Us"

Roxy from grrfeisty says that "tea season is upon us" and we couldn't agree more.  A warm beverage is the perfect answer to a cool morning.  Her pictures of our October box are exquisite.  How funny that Roxy's (highly impressive) nails matched the color scheme of the box!

Source: grrfeisty

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