Brand Spotlight: The Tea Spot

We've got something pretty exciting and unique in store for the upcoming June box. The Tea Spot will be featured for both their tea and a pretty neat accessory created by the company itself. Which tea and which cool accessory? Well...that part is a secret!

Mary from The Tea Spot shares more about this Colorado-based company, their awesome teas and innovative products.



How long has the Tea Spot been around and how did it get started? 

The Tea Spot has been around for nearly 11 years now! Maria, the CEO and Founder, started the business in July of 2004 with a passion for full leaf tea and its innate health benefits. She wanted to get premium, full leaf tea in the hands of more people, and make it undeniably fresh and flavorful so that it would become a lifestyle choice, and in turn, you would reap all of the benefits that full leaf tea offers. In fact, Maria, an Ovarian Cancer survivor, found that tea was so instrumental in her recovery, that upon starting her business she also dedicates the company to philanthropic efforts. At The Tea Spot, we have a 10% pledge, ensuring that 10% of all SALES would be donated in-kind to cancer and community wellness programs. 

The Tea Spot has so many different tea options! You offer many different teas and interesting blends as well as herbal and floral varieties. Has your selection evolved over time and how do you come up with the blends you offer? 

Our selection has undoubtedly evolved and expanded over time. Over the years, our customers have told us their preferences, and we take listening to customer feedback very seriously. As a result, we have landed on a variety of teas that we are not only proud of, but confident that our customers will love just as much as us! Here at The Tea Spot, handcrafting unique and innovative blends is one of our favorite things to do, because we want to help to continue to keep tea modern, interesting, and of course, crave-worthy. 

From where do you source your teas? 

We source our teas throughout the traditional tea producing regions of the world: China, Japan, India, and Sri Lanka. Our herbals come from another suite of regions throughout the world, even the US! Most recently we've sourced Golden Pu'erh and Black Pearls from China's Yunnan Province, as well as an Organic Matcha from Miyazaki prefecture located on the southern island of Kyushu, Japan. - Jessica Kochik, The Tea Spot CMO

The Tea Spot also has its own line of teaware called Steepware. Can you tell us about a few of your Steepware products? 

We like to say that Steepware is a fusion of tea tradition with modern technology, aimed to make loose tea steeping easy, simple, and stylish. Our modern twist on teaware is designed by our CEO Maria, who is not just a tea enthusiast, but a mechanical engineer, who never stops thinking of the next item to make enjoying full leaf tea seamless. We have a wide array of Steepware products, including tea infusers, mugs, pots, and other items that allow you to brew up tea hot OR cold. We are chomping at the bits over our newest item, the Urban Tea Tumbler. It is a borosilicate glass bottle with a cork sleeve, that allows you to infuse your tea, either hot or cold brewed. It is sturdy, sleek, unique, and a must have item! 


Which Tea Spot tea is your favorite? 

You’ll find that it's almost impossible to get a straight answer from a tea lover on which tea is their favorite, I tell ya, because it is always changing, and depends on so many things! So... I will tell you my personal favorite right now, which is our Coconut Cabana Oolong tea! It is a full sensory experience, from the divine coconut smell, to the heavenly taste, and one teaspoon lasts me an entire day!

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