Brand Spotlight: PuurBody

The upcoming February/Valentine's Day box (sign up by Feb. 5th) has two exciting goodies from Etsy-based PuurBody.  Brandi, the creator of PuurBody and mother of five (!!!) boys, was nice enough to share more about her products and her business.  It was a pleasure working with Brandi and choosing tea-inspired items that we know you'll enjoy in this month's box.

Sneak Peak! (Source: PuurBody Etsy Shop)

You have hundreds of products on Etsy! When did you start and how did you get into this?

I started PuurBody in 2010, after learning to make natural hot process soap for my family. Even a family of seven couldn't use up all the products I was making and developing and since I was a stay at home mom, an online business was the perfect opportunity for me!

You also have thousands of positive reviews, which is no small feat. How do you keep your customers so happy?

I have the greatest customers that are extremely understanding, even when I mess up and drop the ball, I'm always grateful for their patience and understanding and try to put myself in their shoes and respond in a way that I would appreciate as a customer.

Many of your body products have food themes. Where do you get the inspiration for this?

I am a huge foodie, and I love to cook and eat! I'm also not a fan of typical scents or florals so a lot of my scents have been inspired by favorite recipes or places I've been, it's fun!

Which products are your most popular ones?

My men's products have been far more successful than I imagined, back when I just made shaving soap because my husband had a shaving mug and brush, and then made beard oil and balm when he grew a beard. Never imagined myself making products for beard care aficionados but as the mom of boys, the manly scents come naturally to me even though I'm TOTALLY a girly-girl.

What is your favorite part about running this business?

Developing new products, definitely! From the inspiration to the development and testing, it's something I never get tired of, the trouble not to add ALL my new ideas at once, and to keep it down to manageable levels!

Thanks Brandi! You must hop over to PuurBody to look through the awesome selection of handmade soaps, candles, lotions and even deodorants.  

The February tea box showcases items from SerendipiTea, PuurBody, and more!  To give or receive this month's box purchase a subscription or a gift by Feb. 5th.

A Valentine's Tea Box Coming Right Up!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  If you're looking for a unique gift for a tea lover in your life (or a little treat for yourself) then look no further!

We have 3 good reasons why you'll love the February box.

1.  It includes TWO (!!) unique blended teas.  Here's a sneak peak at one of them:

Yes, those are real rose petals in the mix!

2.  It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without chocolate, right?  Consider that covered.

3.  The box will include two handmade all-natural tea-inspired bath & body products.

February's box is full of unique products from neat brands.  You won't want to miss it!  

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