Fancy a Cuppa?

British tea culture plays a starring role in January's tea box.  We searched far and wide to bring you UK-inspired products and showcase British companies.  

Teapigs is a tea company that started outside of London and recently established a presence in the US.  The company is on a mission to bring quality tea while "not taking ourselves too seriously."  We chose Earl Grey Strong, a robust tea with a citrusy twist.  The Teapigs version of this British favorite does not disappoint in taste or quality.

For those of you familiar with our tea boxes, you already know that it's more than tea.  We've included accessories that will make your afternoon positively British.  Boxes ship out this week.  We hope you enjoy!

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Merry Christmas!

Our December box is an early Christmas gift of holiday-themed treats.

This spirited box contains candy cane tea by Adagio, two different cookies (including a gluten-free option), a teapot ornament, and tea tongs.  It's brimming with holiday cheer!  

Tea Box Express wishes all of our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Candy Cane (not Peppermint!) Tea

What distinguishes the taste of candy cane tea from regular peppermint tea?  It's the "creamy" factor!

Adagio's candy cane tea really stands out from the peppermint crowd.  It combines mint and cream for a smooth and distinct candy cane flavor.  Such a holiday treat!

Another difference: most peppermint teas are decaf but not Adagio candy cane tea.  It's made with black tea, peppermint leaves, and REAL candy cane pieces.

Candy cane tea was an easy choice for our December box.  Festive, fragrant, and just perfect for the season.  Boxes are arriving on doorsteps this week...enjoy!

November: "Add a Little Spice!"

With the November box, our aim was to convey autumn.  Chai tea and pumpkin spice cookies seemed just right for ringing in the season.  This month features a loose leaf tea by Teatulia. We also included a teaspoon and a strainer - all the tools you need to brew the perfect cup of loose tea.  Add a little spice to your tea routine!

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"Tea Season is Upon Us"

Roxy from grrfeisty says that "tea season is upon us" and we couldn't agree more.  A warm beverage is the perfect answer to a cool morning.  Her pictures of our October box are exquisite.  How funny that Roxy's (highly impressive) nails matched the color scheme of the box!

Source: grrfeisty

You can read Roxy's full review and enter her giveaway for a free Tea Box Express package (hurry, ends Monday night!) here.

Pumpkin + Cookies = Autumn Bliss

In honor of Halloween we're revealing a pumpkin-licious treat that will be starring in the upcoming November box...  

Pumpkin Spice Moravian Cookies!

There is something so decadent about thin cookies, no?  Salem Baking's Moravian Cookies perfect the thin and crispy treat and the pumpkin spice flavor couldn't be more perfect for fall.

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November Sneak Peak

Ahhh, the beauty and feel of autumn:  cooler weather, shades of orange, and pumpkins!  The November box was created with the best parts of fall in mind.

The upcoming box features a tin of spicy masala chai from one of our favorite tea companies, Art of Tea.  It also includes a measuring device, a strainer, and an autumn-inspired treat to enjoy with your tea.

You'll have everything you need for your own fall tea party!

art of tea talis masala chai 20140820-DSC_4955-Edit e.jpg

We love Art of Tea's quality teas and beautiful packaging.  This fragrant and flavorful tea does not disappoint and the unique tin has ample opportunity for creative re-use.

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October: "Bee Happy"

Our first box was truly a pleasure to put together!  The cheery colors, positive theme, and quality items came together to make a really fun package.  It's hard to beat organic black tea sweetened with pure honey and a side of iced sugar cookie, is it not?


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Teatulia: More Than Just Great Tea

Teatulia is a forward-thinking company that is about so much more than just tea.  Yes, the brand is committed to fresh organic field-to-cup tea.  The leaves are grown in a USDA-Certified Organic garden in Northern Bangladesh.  The result is smooth, fresh, high quality tea.

But that's only part of the Teatulia story...

Teatulia goes above and beyond with their commitment to sustainability.  Their eco-canisters are made from compostable and recyclable materials.  And Teatulia doesn't stop at sustainable packaging.  The company is also creating sustainable communities. 

Teatulia has established a cooperative in Bangladesh where families live and work, participate in a cattle-lending program, and take part in social and education initiatives.  Through its efforts, Teatulia manages to give back to the community, provide a living wage for its workers, and protect the local ecosystem, all while producing award-winning tea. 

That’s something we can drink too!

We’re thrilled to feature Teatulia in our October box.  To receive an eco-canister of Teatulia Black and four complimentary accessories, sign up for a recurring plan here or a gift here.

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Tea, Bees, and Happiness in a Box

What do tea, bees, and happiness have in common?  They're all part of the October box!  With a cheerful theme, it's a fun box full of neat goodies. 

I really like the quality whole leaf organic black tea that is the centerpiece of this box.  Yes, that's a lot of adjectives to describe tea, but they're all true!  

Do you like to sweeten your tea?  The October box includes a jar of 100% pure varietal "tea honey" that I have a feeling would also be terrific on toast or cereal.  Other items to look forward to are a delicious (frosted!) sweet treat to enjoy alongside your tea and a few special accessories.

There's less than a week left to place your order and receive one of these boxes next month:

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Happy Thoughts

When I was in college my friends and I hung up a huge piece of white paper in our freshman dormitory hallway. We wrote "Happy List" on the top and attached a pen. Anyone who walked by was welcome to write down something that made him or her happy. There were names of boyfriends, favorite colors, and fun activities among the many things listed. I’d like to think that each person who recorded a happy thought or even just paused to read the happy list experienced a moment of amusement and delight.

The theme for the inaugural Tea Box Express box is “Bee Happy.” We chose Teatulia 100% organic whole leaf tea and hand-picked accessories to add to the experience and complement the theme.

Each box also includes your very own happy list. It's small enough to fit into a purse or a desk drawer but big enough to record the things you love.