January 2017 Tea Box

Photo by hellosubscription

Metolius Tea - Cardamom Rose Mate

This unique and beautiful selection from Metolius Tea is a mate all jazzed up with rose petals, cinnamon, pink peppercorn, and cardamom to create a sweet and earthy blend.

Metolius Tea - Little Bear

The other Metolius tea in the box is an herbal blend that balances many flavors with it's ingredients: pear, lavender, lemongrass, ginger, and Madagascar vanilla bean. Truly a delightful drink!

Moonstruck Chocolate Hot Lips Truffles

Yowza! These truffles from Moonstruck Chocolate are filled with ganache infused with a touch of chili pepper for a sweet treat that packs a little kick.

Beautea Studio

The Earl Grey lip balm by Beautea Studio contains organic ingredients that will leave your lips soft and protected from the elements.

Tea Thoughts Cards

Two beautifully designed cards from Tea Thoughts that are cute, clever, and tea-themed.