When I started Tea Box Express, I was staying at home with a toddler. The business was my side gig, giving me something that felt worthwhile and creative and offering plenty of flexibility. The business grew out of my NYC apartment, into a storage facility, and then on to a fulfillment company. Over the course of five years and sending thousands of boxes to customers in all corners of the country, I had two more children and earned a Master’s degree.

My customers are THE BEST and it’s been a pleasure to serve each one of you. Tea Box Express boasts all five-star reviews on Cratejoy.com. Your loyalty and kind remarks over the years have meant a lot to me.

I have worked with and included products from over 150 vendors of tea, treats and accessories in the boxes. An overwhelming number have been goods created by small businesses. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s how dedicated, talented, and scrappy the small business world is. So many people out there are pursuing dreams and creating products they believe in. It’s truly been a pleasure to work with entrepreneurs who pour their heart and soul into their crafts.

I recently had the opportunity to take a full time job in my field. I thought I could keep Tea Box Express going a little longer. But it turns out working full time and raising three young children is all consuming and I can no longer give this business the right amount of attention under the new circumstances.

Are you a current Tea Box Express subscriber?

First of all, thank you for your business and support! I hope TBE has been a blessing to you or your loved ones as it has been to me. Secondly, please check your email for more details about how this impacts you, especially if you have a pre-paid plan. You can also send questions to info@teaboxexpress.com.

Thank you for supporting Tea Box Express,


P.S. The only thing still for sale on this website is our Mystery Box, $25 including shipping.

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