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Nunshen Sachets

Nunshen offers a large selection of premium teas, both in sachet and loose form. The November box features two Nunshen Teas: Chai du Kerala and The Oolong Finest.

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My Tea Bling

This unique Swarovksi Crystal charm from My Tea Bling is decoration for your tea cup! The stainless steel clip attaches to sachets or loose leaf tea filters.

Decorated Cookie

Fun fall shapes from Corso's Cookies/The Decorated Cookie Company look seasonal and taste great too.

Nunu Chocolates Dark Chocolate Lollipop

This lollipop from Nunu Chocolates is delicious 53% dark chocolate.

Pura Agave

The box includes single serve agave sweetener packets from Pura Agave in two fun fall flavors: Caramel and Pumpkin.